Nishiki Sushi Rice Vinegar

Nishiki 100% Natural Rice Vinegar is more subtle tasting and less acidic than other vinegars. It allows you to make healthier salad dressings by using less oil. Use this pure rice vinegar in all of your favorite recipes that call for vinegar.

Nishiki Sushi Vinegar is pure rice vinegar delicately seasoned with sugar and sea salt. This blend is traditionally used for sushi rice and marinating vegetables. Use it as a salad dressing by itself or with a splash of oil. Lightly sprinkle over grilled chicken and fish, or add to your favorite tuna and macaroni salads.

Nishiki Sushi Rice Vinegar, 10 Oz.

You can find Nishiki 100% Natural Sushi Vinegar at our Oriental store, located at 

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