Hi-Chew Sours Citrus Mix

Pucker up and get ready for new Hi‑Chew Sours. Our sensationally sour citrus mix flavors will elevate your Hi‑Chew experience to a whole new level of sour.

Lemon. Grapefruit. Lime. Natural & artificial flavors. Sensationally chewy fruit candy! Flavor packed from the inside out. Savor the flavor of fun.

  • Citrus sours mix 
  • Hi-chew is an explosion of real, fruity flavors with a long lasting chewy texture
  • Contains real fruit juices and purees, no artificial colors, gluten free, cholesterol-free, and 0g trans fat 
  • Hi-chew has long been the no. 1 soft candy in japan, and in recent years, has become a hit in the rest of Asia and America


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