Fujiya Milky Chewy Candy

Great News, we now have the Fujiya Milky Chewy Candy.
Founded in 1951, Fujiya's Milky Candy is one of the most famous and well-loved sweets in Japan. 

No wonder that the cute Peko-chan character that is on the front of the package has become an icon which can be seen everywhere in Japan from billboards to T-shirts. 
The package contains individually wrapped sweets with more Peko-chan on them. Will you be one of the lucky ones who finds a wrapping with a lucky clover design on it? The sweets themselves are of a deliciously creamy milk flavour, similar to caramel or soft toffee that has been created using naturally rich milk from Hokkaido. Enjoy these classic chewy sweets for a true taste of Japan!

You can buy Fujiya Milky Chewy Candy and many other sweets at our Oriental store, located at 
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