Chinese Baoding Balls for Good Health

We now have Chinese Baoading Health Balls in stock. What are these Baoding Health Balls, and how do you use them?

Baoding balls are said to have originated in Baoding China. It is a city in Hebei province approximately 150 kilometers from the city of Beijing. Baoding translates as "protecting the capital" which refers to Beijing because of it's close proximity to the city.

Baoding balls are also referred to as Iron Balls because originally they were all made from iron and are heavy. Lately all of the modern balls are made of hollow chrome plated steel metal with a sounding plate that makes a soothing sound like a chime when the balls are rotated in your hands.

The ones that we have on stock comes in three colors Red, Blue and Green with a dragon design.

It comes complete with a storage case made of wood.

You can buy Chinese Baoding Health Balls at our Oriental store, located at 
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